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Outdoor Camping Venom Extractor Kit

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*Extractor: Most effectively retrieves venom from extremities & areas of the body outside muscle areas, effectiveness varies with the location of the bite

*Small compact: Reusable vacuum pump helps remove poisons below your skin in 1 quick motion, used for snake bites, bee/wasp stings, mosquito bites

*Eliminates: The need to use dangerous scalpel blades or knives associated with less effective bite kits

*Effective suction: 2 sizes of plastic cups for use and effective suction on a variety of sting or bite sizes, the pump is easy to use with 1 hand


A: 1*Extractor Pump  2*Suction Cup Sizes  2*Alcohol Prep Pads & 2*Antiseptic Pad  1*Disposable small tourniquet to slow/stop blood circulation 

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